I’m a UX product and visual designer, musician, and a lover of the great outdoors. I’m am always learning from others and in return sharing what I know. I love to explore, discover, and dive into a project. I believe that collaboration is not just a keyword, but allows you and your team to create awesome user experiences. 

My mantra is Listen. Get to Why. Test. Iterate. 

I ask questions. Lots of questions. I believe that you need to look at all aspects of a business – the entire picture. Holistic design. A user experience is not just how an app works, every interaction with your customer is an experience – including customer support and social media interactions.

I’m also a good listener. To get the best product, I listen very carefully to see what’s behind the words and data and get to 'the why' with users, stakeholders, and developers.

Startups and lean design

I consult as a UX product designer, and have, in the past, embedded in a development team to develop a brand new large P2P and B2C e-commerce marketplace for used bicycles. Wearing many hats, I've been the sole designer with a team of product owner and developers in small startups; as part of a large in-house design team in the health care industry; and as a freelance designer for web and print. I bring a curiosity and passion to each project, and thrive in a fast-paced environment. From white-boarding the information architecture and user flows with stakeholders, to providing prototypes in Bootstrap, SketchApp and Zeplin, I have a deep knowledge of design and working with developers and product stakeholders to bring products to life.

I have worn many hats as co-founder of a couple of startups – firstTraction Inc., and HelpMEwell (a product of firstTraction). So in addition to my extensive design skills, I have developed my founder chops including pitching to investors and incubators (StartX twice), researching what is known and unknown, and picking up the knowledge to help a business grow and scale. I’ve done voice recordings, videos, plenty of user interviews, social media, etc. I am a lifelong learner. I spend a part of everyday learning something new.

I love sprints and lead design methodology. And I’ve discovered that I love hackathons. 48 hours to create a product? Concept to working prototype? I’m in. I'll jump in mid-stream also.


Visit my Linkedin profile linkedin.com/in/suedayton, or view and download a pdf of my resume

Past life

I graduated from the Juilliard School in oboe performance, performing all over the US until a few years ago. Music and design have always been a part of my life. The oboe took over for many years. It makes my heart sing. But the adventurous soul in me was ready for a change, so I set the oboe down and pursued new adventures. I have not looked back. These days design and photography meet the artistic side of me, while the freedom to get out doors and explore the natural world (instead of making reeds and practicing) makes my heart sing.

Outside of work

I love to recharge my batteries by getting outdoors to hike and camp in the mountains, explore the coastline of California, cycle, swim, sail, travel off the beaten path, and connecting with family, friends and coummunity. Follow me on Instagram @sdcreative1 to see some of my recent favorite places – from grand vistas to grains of sand. I love to stop and look at the little things, and in turn to view myself as a small speck in this wonderful world.