Trust matters. Respect matters. Integrity matters.

Joel Peterson’s The 10 Laws of Trust talk

Last Friday night (yes, I know... but it was WORTH it) I had the opportunity to hear and talk with Joel Peterson, chairman of JetBlue Airways, about the 10 Laws of Trust and acting on values. 

Peterson's talk resonated with me as I move forward and consult as a UX and product designer. I love to collaborate, and I'm a trusting person, so how do I look at the opportunities that come along and decide who I want to work with? What is important to me?

On December 23, 2015, I walked away from HelpMEwell, a healthcare startup aimed a seniors with chronic conditions. A product that I strongly believed in. I walked away from almost two years of work (for equity only….) because I could not TRUST the founder. It is not enough to talk about transparency and values if you don’t practice them. I want to be clear that I was not the only one. I was the last one involved in the project to walk away. Too many deceptions, too many evaded answers, too many lies. I stayed too long. I know that. But I believed in what I thought was the mission. And I trust people. I consider that a good value to have.

Attending Launch Festival last spring, I repeatedly heard Angel Investors and Venture Capitalist talk about a 10 year relationship with founders. That if there were red flags in the beginning, they were not going to enter into a relationship with that founder – NO MATTER HOW GOOD THE PRODUCT.

Talking with Joel Peterson on Friday reaffirmed that I made the correct decision to walk away from HelpMEwell and First Traction Inc. (the parent company)  – a decision I would have made much earlier had I not wanted HelpMEwell to succeed so much. 

Joel Peterson’s The 10 Laws of Trust:

  1. Start with personal integrity 
  2. Invest in respect 
  3. Empower others 
  4. Measure what you want to achieve 
  5. Create a common dream 
  6. Keep everyone informed 
  7. Embrace respectful conflict 
  8. Show humility 
  9. Strive for win-win negotiations  
  10. Proceed with care 

Since last December I've consulted for several companies, and have had wonderful experiences working with people that are not only passionate about their product, but are open, honest, and trustworthy. The collaborations are been great. And affirming.

Trust matters. Respect matters. Integrity matters.