How Many Hats?

The last two years had me wearing many hats as the sole designer and co-founder at the startup, First Traction including:

  • interviewing users to research product fit;
  • developing personas based on most valuable users; 
  • mapping sites and user journeys;
  • wireframing the user experience for responsive web apps and mobile apps (including the Apple Watch)
  • testing the interactive prototypes with users; 
  • designing user interfaces and testing with users; 
  • developing branding identity and content voice, including logos, iconography, and other graphics; 
  • recording and editing voice and video; 
  • and working with developers to iterate quickly on web and mobile app designs given very limited bootstrapped resources. 

I love all aspects of design. And if I don't know how to do something, I'll find out how.

I love learning.