What do musicians have in common with UX designers?

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I'm not full of it. Honestly. I live in both worlds.

The thing is, I have always been designing user experiences. As a musician (oboist, Juilliard grad.) I sought to reach my audience – digging deep into a piece of music with all "product owners" (musicians, conductors, etc.) to bring the music alive and connect with the "user" (audience). Musicians, like designers, don't play in a vacuum, we ask for feedback to create the best user experience. If you don't connect with your audience and create a product that people want, what happens? They jump out of your concert-going “funnel” and spend their hard earned money elsewhere, and there is a good chance that they might not come back.

It’s not a huge leap to go from the user experience of aural design to that in visual design. The skills transfer over well. Challenge your user enough to keep it interesting, but not so hard they get frustrated; don't make them waste brain effort trying to navigate through the product; observe and listen to feedback; give them a great experience, remind them to come back, and MAKE SURE they leave happy.