Problem: Most seniors with multiple chronic conditions have many medications to take and keep track of, and other qualitative and quantitative data that when logged on a regular basic can keep them healthier and out of the hospital. Most of the time that current solution is pen and paper and resides at their home in between visits, or on a caregivers paper chart. Providers need to be able to manage their patients in between visits to catch conditions before they become more serious. And often-time family responsible for the general well-being of their elderly parent or relative has no way of knowing how their loved was is doing until they get the call from the hospital.

Solution: The design of the HelpMEwell Plus and Basic versions of the iOS apps (and a web-based app) were designed for seniors with multiple chronic conditions. Font and icons are larger as they needed to be easily readable by older eyes. For that same reason, strong focus was also given to color contrast. Each logging screen also has it’s own color for visual cueing when they advance from screen to screen, and when all the items for that screen are logged, it automatically advances to the next screen needed. Icons on the home screen can be reordered or turned off easily, letting the patient customized their experience and only log what is needed for their disease management. For providers, the HelpMEwell Patient Success System provides daily analysis of their patient panel, ranking them in order from high to low risk. The system determines which patients are most in need and staff can assign the appropriate intervention. This process ensures that the highest risk patients are getting the appropriate care. For family, the system sends alerts letting them know of any adverse readings from what their loved one is logging, OR if they have not logged scheduled data, like medications, giving them a heads up so they can keep their loved one(s) healthier.

Both apps, until 2016, were in the iTunes store. An Angular app with the same basic design was available for web and Android smart phones. The companion Apple watch app was designed but waiting implementation.


Adobe InDesign (initial design)
Adobe Photoshop (later iterations)
Adobe Illustrator (icons)
InVisionApp (prototyping)
Pencil & Paper