The Problem: Startups are short on time and budget, but need a well designed logo to help kick off the essence of their design.

A logo is more than a pretty design. It should reflect the essence of your company or product. It is not a $5 design. It requires insight into your product. How do you want your customers to view your company? What do you want to communicate?

The Solution: Getting to the "Why" of the logo can help a company get to the "Why" of their product.

Working closely with the product owners was key to discovering "the why" that let me develop the entire design language for the products. A few logos went through several iterations as the products developed and morphed, allowing the logo and branding to grow with the product.

Icons were also developed concurrently for web and app requirements.

Digging deep into what the logo should reflect, I work with you to iterate and develop the logo that strikes the right chord for both you and your customers. As the product gets developed and pivots or evolves, it can require revisiting the logo and branding, a normal evolution that can create more value for your bottom line.


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