Designing a B2C and P2P Marketplace

Consulting with Launch Brigade (a software dev team in Santa Cruz), I worked with our client, (BBB) to create the new eCommerce marketplace for both B2C (business to consumer) and P2P (peer to peer) used bicycles. I provided product design, user flows, user stories, product specs, and product management. Speaking design and development comes in handy on a fast moving project.


Problem (BBB), established in 2011, had a valuation guide to let people figure out the current value of their bike, but no tool for selling those bikes. BBB, itself, was purchasing the used bikes from Trade-in Partner bike shops (TIP), reconditioning those bikes, and then selling them on eBay and Craigslist. They needed a solution that would let individuals coming to the Value Guide stay on the site, list and sell their bikes – or be directed to the closest TIP, where they were guaranteed a good trade-in value. The TIP bike shops, in turn, would gain new clients for their new bikes and accessories, and BBB would buy those used bikes to resell on their marketplace.


Bike Details for listing with Offer modal

Bike Details for listing with Offer modal

Create a marketplace that lets both BBB and individual sellers sell their bikes to buyers. It also lets the Trade-in Partners sell the bikes in the marketplace, if they chose. BBB would collect a small commission for each bike sold.

Automate the process when possible to create a frictionless transaction from valuation to delivery. 

Designing and Product Management

Working closely with a team of 8 developers, 2 UI designers, the team at SnQ (who created the value guide and non-marketplace pages), and BBB product stakeholders, I provided:

  • Research, planning, and building the features list through the first three major releases of the marketplace.

  • Designed the user experience, including

    • Intuitive Peer to Peer (P2P) seller and buyer experiences, including dashboard for buyers and sellers

    • integrate the existing Value Guide of used bikes database to quickly list a bike for sale

    • Design the structure of email and notifications between buyers and sellers

    • Designed the flow and automation of offer and counteroffer process through to the shopping cart

    • Designed a frictionless flow of shopping cart and shipping including PayPal integration with chained payments to capture commission and BBB UPS shipping, email notifications to buyer and seller with next steps, and creation of Shipping labels for seller, with tracking sent to buyer. If BBB UPS shipping is not used, the other two options are equally easy for buyer and seller with a seamless flow.

  • Mapping of user journeys for each user type (BBB, Trade-in Partners (TIP), individual buyers, and individual sellers)

  • Detailed logic mapping for stakeholders and developers

  • Complete features list with user stories for each feature or interaction needed

  • CSS,HTML, Angular.js, jQuery, and PHP database requirements

  • Product management to avoid bottlenecks and keep developers on a tight deadline

  • Liaison between UI designer, developers, BBB stakeholders, and SnQ team

  • Planned all pushes and testing to production server from staging server, and notified all parties when a push was going to production.

Listing a Bike user flow