The design process (depending on your needs):

  • Gathering what is known and unknown: Have you done a competitor analysis? What’s out there and working/not working? What influences the space? Who are your most valuable users? Have you done any persona research? What research needs to be done before any design starts? 

  • Analyzing the current product: A complete review of your existing product (if any), and a discussion/report of the findings.  

  • Initial Planning, including white boarding, sticky notes or a mind map tool: Starting with these simple tools lets us plan out best solution for your product. Iterating this step, pre-wireframe, -ui and -coding, can save hours and hours of design and developer time, and it helps focus in on the priorities. 

  • Building the features list: Based on the initial planning, I’ll work with you to develop your list of features and priorities. 

  • Sketching and (in)validating: Pencil and paper roughs using the knowledge from the sticky notes/white-boarding session(s). These are quick and dirty sketches that multiple stakeholders can contribute to – these are NOT works of art. Everyone probably has some vision in their head. Let’s get them out, share what we’re thinking. Different viewpoints can add insight and build understanding across stakeholders.

  • Wireframing the UX (user experience): Building from the hand-sketched sessions and the priorities list, wireframing your product focuses on flow and organization of your site or app, and brings it into a format where we can create an interactive prototype to quickly test and iterate the flow. Text will mostly be filler (lorem ipsum) with header/button text to test flow, and we'll use placeholder images or solid shapes. 

  • Interactive Prototyping of the wireframes: The wireframes are then brought into a cloud-based app, set up with hotspots and overlays so that the flow and interaction can be tested with stakeholders and users. It enables us to test remotely, and get quick actionable feedback to iterate quickly.

  • Designing the UI (user interface): Based on your existing brand, or starting from scratch, I’ll work with you on establishing the tone, voice, and library of styles (buttons, font styles, color usage). We'll lay out the product now with your content and images, and fine tune the visual language.

  • Interactive Prototyping of the User Interface: Taking the designed UI, we’ll test with stakeholders and a small group of users, once again getting actionable feedback to allow us to iterate quickly before handing off to the developers.

  • Working with your dev team: Throughout the design phases, part of my focus is on keeping a clean design so that the hand off is relatively pain-free. CSS is reviewed and discussed with the team, images and graphics will be sized and optimized for web, interactive elements are demonstrated and discussed, and specs provided to build the product.

  • Test and iterate the developed product with the dev team.

What is the process to get started?

  1. Set up a consultation: Let's discuss the scope of your project. What is the problem that you are solving for? Where are you in the process? Who are the stakeholders? What is the timeframe? Where am I coming into the project?

  2. Proposed scope of work: A proposal for your review will be sent – based upon our consultation and any followup questions. 

  3. Contract: All projects, big or small will be be formalized by a contract is based upon the agreed proposal, and must be signed before work starts.