Designing for a dual purpose marketplace

User interface with full-color, images, and content for ProductTeams (previously FirstPersonas), a service that would provide remote "virtual talent teams" to Startups or established companies needing a flexible team without the commitment of hiring full-time employees. This was one of the products being explored by the now defunct First Traction, Inc. The original product was one offering research, design, and testing services to product owners by the small team of two at First Traction. It pivoted to providing virtual talent teams of research, design, and testing professionals to product owners, with the team at ProductTeams managing the virtual talent.

View and experience the prototype in InVisionApp

The Problem: communicate the roles and services

There were two main user roles, Product Owners needing an embedded team to help develop products, and Virtual Talent Team members who want to work in the startup environment but live remotely, work on various products, and still be part of a team and community.

The Solution: visual language and clear paths

Developed and iterated on the visual language, including the logo(s), iconography, typography, and colors; and differentiating the two user experiences of product owner and talent through clear role funnels, while making it easy for each role to view the other's funnel in order to fully understand the value that they provide to each other, and explaining the services ProductTeams offered and how we would facilitated the experiences.

firstPersonas wireframes for mobile-first layout. firstPersonas was the original product before the pivot to ProductTeams. Single user type of product owner.


Sketch App (user interface design, and also for all wireframing of firstPersonas)
Adobe Photoshop (images)
Adobe Illustrator (icons, background, and logo)
InvisionApp (prototyping and user testing)