These are mono-chromatic wireframes of a few screens for the FirstPersonas product – later renamed ProductTeams. Wireframing for a mobile-first design, the responsive layout from small to large screens layouts is always kept in mind, and layout is done using a 12-grid system like Bootstrap or Foundation. View the interactive prototype in the InVision App.

The initial iteration of firstPersonas product was for our team at FirstTraction Inc. to provide consulting services to startups needing to quickly build product – without having to go through the time outlay of hiring people. We would work as an embedded team, on a subscription service, where the client could decide the previous week which services they would need for the following week (or longer), but at a set amount of hours each week. It would give them the flexibility that they needed for all the different services required, without having to book individual contractors.

The Problem: build the flow and functionality for two different user types – product owners and virtual research, design and developers.

Startups and established companies building product need help with research, design and developer services for a wide range of needs. They might be a startup that needs flexibility to get them to the next stage, or a larger company that has gotten an funding to build a product, but now doesn't have the time to go through the hiring process with their human resources department. Our goal was to make it easier for product owner to plan and decide what they need, and to education them about why they should go through the research and design process in order to build their best product. At the same time, if someone came to the site knowing exactly what they wanted, the path to ordering services should be quick and frictionless.

The Solution: clear paths for each type, and visual layout for at-a-glance scanning

Provide contract services that function as an embedded team to solve the problem of flexibility and hiring by offering a flexible subscription service that can call upon our team of researchers, designers, and engineers. The site would provide an easy solution to order services on a weekly subscription basis, while at the same time giving the product owner the flexibility on which areas of research, design and testing needed to be done with the hours purchased.


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